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Top Search Queries 

One of the most effective strategies to improve your organic search optimization game is to conduct competitive keyword analysis. If you can find out what keywords your competitors are using, you can use that information to direct your SEO marketing approach and maybe gain a competitive advantage in search results.

In this piece, we will look at how to view your rivals' keywords, know what they are ranking for, the accompanying search traffic, and how to successfully use that knowledge.


Why finding your competitor's top search queries is important

It provides significant insight into how and why rival websites outperform you in Google searches, as well as the ability to find gaps in their approach and fill in areas they've neglected. Analyzing your rivals' keywords reveals how you stack up against them.


Should you use competitor keywords?

Brand exposure - If consumers are looking for a rival in your business, they are looking for something they provide. You may begin to make these potential clients aware of your brand name and what you provide by using the competitor's name as a keyword and advertising for their phrases.


Why would you want to run a competitive analysis of keywords?

A competitive study helps you to examine your overall market, rivals, and how the current search landscape works for key keywords.